A Greater Effect

Pete Conrad - “Neil, I was sorry to hear about your daughter.”Neil Armstrong - “I’m sorry, is there a question?”Pete Conrad - “What I… What I mean is… Do you think it’ll have an effect?”Neil Armstrong - “I think it would be unreasonable to assume that it wouldn’t have some effect.” Pete Conrad, interviewing Armstrong [...]

Fixing the Pain

I spent last Mother’s Day feeling very empty. It had only been three months since we had lost Audrey— the pain was still fresh and all-consuming. I didn’t know how to approach the day because in my heart I knew I was a mother, but with no baby to care for, I didn’t feel like [...]

Happy Birthday Audrey

Today is Audrey's first birthday, a day full of sorrow and celebration. I decided to write an open letter to Audrey and I hope it can encourage others to know that light can be found in the darkness and out of our deepest darkest pains there can come joy. Happy first birthday Audrey! I can’t [...]